The lowdown

Doughs. Doughs. Doughs.

In this course, we share our exclusive recipes and the technique behind our best-ever focaccia, milk buns, cinnamon buns and more.

Difficulty: It can get a bit sticky, but this is for dough lovers, beginners upward!

Kit needed: Oven, bowl, baking tray

Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Wheat

This is a PUFF School single. This course contains a full week of recipes and video tutorials from the Pastry Vol. 1 course. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to PUFF School Single: Dough Week

    • Welcome to Dough Week!

  • 2

    Dough Week Recipe Guide

    • PUFF School Dough Week Recipe Guide

    • Sweet Chats: Dough 101

    • Dough FAQ!

  • 3

    Dough Week Video Guides

    • Dough Week: An Introduction

    • Focaccia - Day 1: Pre Ferment

    • Focaccia - Day 2: Making The Dough

    • Focaccia - Day 3: Baking

    • Milk Bread - The Water Roux/Tangzhong

    • Milk Bread - Making The Dough

    • Milk Bread - Shaping & Baking Milk Buns

    • Milk Bread - Shaping & Baking Cinnamon Buns

    • BONUS: Milk Bun Sando

    • BONUS: Torrijas