The Lowdown

So, we hear you like cheesecake... alright, join the club. ALL are welcome.

In this course, we share our exclusive recipe and the technique behind our perfectly creamy basque cheesecake.

Inspired by a trip to San Sebastian a few years ago, we've been perfecting this recipe ever since. We'll show you how to get that ultimate smooth cut through centre and how to get just the right amount of jiggle.

Difficulty: ANYONE can make this!

Kit needed: Oven, Whisk/Spatula, 8 inch cake tin, Baking paper

Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Wheat but can be GF

This is a PUFF School single. This course contains 1 x single recipe and video tutorial from the Pastry Vol. 1 course. We demonstrate the technique using a KitchenAid but you can use an electric whisk

Course curriculum

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    Basque Cheesecake

    • Recipe Guide

    • Basque Cheesecake Video Tutorial

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